IR System Servicing

Keep your IR heating system running at peak performance.

IR System Maintenance Services

Eliminate bottlenecks in your system! Marsden offers inspection and maintenance services for gas-fired infrared systems, regardless of their condition. 

Even if you don’t have a Marsden IR system, our engineers will help you maintain and optimize your system for faster, more cost-effective production.

Following engineering directives, Marsden’s service technicians work to ensure that your production line’s drying and heating operations continue to run at peak performance. For critical situations, Marsden’s engineers always arrive on-site for hands-on evaluations.

Services we offer:

  • Tuning of emitters & ignition systems
  • Balancing air & exhaust systems
  • Combustion system safety checks
  • Replacement emitters
  • Gas train evaluations & improvements
  • Blower inspections 
  • Exhaust fan inspections
  • Filtration inspections 
  • Ignition improvements 
  • Controls inspection & improvements
  • Overall system performance evaluations

Need help with your IR system?

Replacement EmittersEmitter

With regular use, the performance of your system’s burners will degrade. Over time, this can compromise your system’s production speed and quality.

The M2 replacement emitter offers high heat transfer capabilities and cost-effectiveness based on years of practical experience in the process heating industry.

The M2 emitter is available for the following systems:

  • Krieger Gas IR: K-6500, K-10000 
  • Solaronics Gas IR: GEM 7, GEM 9, GEM 10 
  • Impact Gas IR: HDF emitter
  • Selas/Red Ray: Apollo Ray burners  
  • Other emitters quoted upon request

Discover the Marsden M2 Emitter

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