Worldwide Leader in Infrared Drying and Process Heating Technologies

Get high-efficiency Gas IR Solutions for industrial drying applications.

The ONLY infrared heating system that cools in ONE SECOND!

The Marsden Gas IR System is the safest and most energy efficient industrial heating system on the market. 

Our proprietary Embedded Combustion™ technology is the only gas or electric IR solution that can heat up to 1850 °F in just five seconds and revert to a cool, safe shutdown in one second!

When you work with us, every product and every system comes with a complete guarantee that backs up every claim we make. That’s what makes Marsden the worldwide leader in process heating technologies.

Ready to accelerate your production process?

Need a new or better solution for heating, drying, or curing? We work with your team to eliminate bottlenecks and determine the most cost-effective solution for your production needs.

Define your needs.

Whether you need an entirely new system, are looking to buy and refurbish a used system, or want to upgrade the system you have, we can help!

Optimize your system.

Our engineers will get to work optimizing your system specific to your company’s needs to ensure your new system will help produce consistent, high-quality products.

Produce more for less!

Our Embedded Combustion™ technology provides more heat using less gas, saving you more on production costs. So what are you waiting for?

Embedded Combustion™ Gas Infrared Systems

Meet our flagship product, the Embedded Combustion™ Gas IR Emitter! 

This unique emitter utilizes our proprietary heat transfer technology which has revolutionized non-contact IR curing and drying! 

Embedded Combustion emitters are capable of transferring over three times the IR flux compared to standard metal fiber surface combustion burners with the same fuel input.

What’s that mean for you?

A more powerful, more efficient, more environmentally-friendly, and more cost-effective infrared drying system as compared to surface combustion or impingement style infrared burners.

The Best in Safety, Performance, Reliability, and Value

Marsden Embedded Combustion™ IR Emitters set the standard in the industry for safety, performance, reliability, and value while being the most environmentally friendly infrared drying system available on the market.


Our IR Burners Exceed Safety Regulations

Our Embedded Combustion burners exceed the highest safety regulations in the industry and are the only burners on the market that revert to a cool, safe shutdown in less than one second.


No Other IR Technology Performs Like This

No other system heats up and cools down as fast as a Marsden Gas IR System. Our emitters offer the best conversion to radiation efficiency in the industry (65%).


The Longest Emitter Lifetime Guaranteed

We provide a 5-year guarantee on all of our gas IR emitters and a 2-year bumper-to-bumper system component guarantee. No service contracts required!


All While Reducing Operations Costs

Get three times the amount of IR output for only a third of the fuel input, saving you more than ever on operations costs.

Custom Solutions for Industrial Ovens, Dryers, and Furnaces

Whether you require an entirely new system, are refurbishing old equipment, or are looking to buy and retrofit something used, our team can help!

Marsden services and products have been utilized in a wide variety of industrial heating and drying applications all over the world. Since 1976, we have been providing the most innovative infrared drying solutions to the paper, converting, glass, paint finishing, textile and other industries.

Thanks to years of innovation, expert consulting, and excellent customer service, the name Marsden has become synonymous with the highest quality infrared drying solutions. Our commitment to quality is evident in our registration to ISO 9001 and the ability to affix the CE Mark to our entire family of products.

Need a better solution for preheating, coating drying, mass drying, or moisture profiling? See how we can help!

Get the Best in Infrared Heating and Drying Technology

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