Roofing Material Production

Reduce the manufacturing costs of shingles, underlayments, and other roofing products.

PreHeating fiberglass

Gas Infrared Systems for Roofing Manufacturers

The production of roofing products requires instantaneous heat, precise and repeatable product temperature control, and penetrating heat transfer.

Marsden gas IR process heating systems leverage Embedded Combustion™ emitters that are ideal for drying roofing felts, preheating fiberglass mats, and curing asphalt shingles.

If you are looking for improvements to your production line, our gas IR systems offer the fastest heat-up and cooldown times on the market at the lowest cost!

Marsden Gas IR Systems include:


  • Comprehensive engineering ⁠— we’ll help design and optimize your system!
  • A full family of system and performance warranties, plus a 5-year guarantee on emitters.
  • Live customer support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Roofing Applications

Gas IR systems are most commonly used for preheating roofing membranes during the shingle production process in order to flash-dry the product, optimize granular adhesion, and to dry highly reflective coatings.

Applications include:

  • Preheating granules
  • Preheating fiberglass mats
  • Preheating roofing shingles to improve granular adhesion
  • Moisture removal for roofing felts
  • Drying reflective coatings
  • And more!

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Why Use Gas Infrared for Manufacturing Shingles?

Gas IR systems provide the best penetrating heat transfer and control for drying and curing asphalt shingles and other roofing products while using less energy than electric IR systems. Our Embedded Combustion burners allow roofing manufacturers to reduce costs even further when compared to standard surface combustion or impingement style infrared burners.

Benefits of Marsden Gas IR Emitters for Shingles


Heats up to 1850 °F in just five seconds


Cool, safe shutdown in one second


Operating temperatures up to 2100°F (1200°C)


Uniform firing face and heat transfer


Best conversion to radiation efficiency in the industry (up to 65%)


Significantly reduces fuel expenditures


Compact and solid design

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