Gas IR Replacement Emitters

The Marsden M2 metal fiber replacement emitter expands on Marsden’s line of heat transfer products and includes installation, emitter servicing and combustion support equipment maintenance. Marsden provides affordable replacement emitters for improved reliability.


Features of M2 Replacement Emitter:

  • Utilized high temperature alloy screen offering 3 times the longevity of dated Inconel screen
  • Low density screens for faster heat up and cool down times
  • Operating temperatures up to 2200°F (1200°C)
  • Thermal Fuel Load Range:
    68,240 Btu/ft2 /hr (215 kW/m2) – 124,170 Btu/ft2 /hr (400 kW/m2)
  • Compact and solid design
  • Medium wavelength for powerful and penetrating heat transfer
  • Utilizes metal fiber emitter

Textile drying system

Replacement Emitters available for the following gas-fired IR Systems:

  • Maxon RadMax
  • Krieger Gas IR: K-6500, K-10000
  • Solaronics Gas IR: GEM 7, GEM 9, GEM 10
  • Impact Gas IR: HDF emitter
  • Selas/Red Ray: Apollo Ray burners
  • Other emitters quoted upon request

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