IR System Consulting Services

In addition to offering the most innovative process heating technologies, Marsden is proud of the many ways it provides support and consulting services to companies throughout the world for a multitude of applications.

These services have allowed our consulting customers to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and increase profitability. Such services can be broken down into the following four basic categories:

1. New Application Expertise – Find Out What Your New Infrared Heating System Will Do For You

Marsden will provide project support for new applications by analyzing target process conditions in order to propose drying solutions that best meet the project objectives. Services include determining required heating capacity to meet production needs, recommending needed equipment, preparing preliminary machine layouts, calculating utility operating costs, assessing environmental impact and helping to pinpoint return on investment for project justification.

2. Optimizing Existing Gas IR Production Lines 

Marsden engineers will evaluate existing gas IR system installations and propose minor modifications to enhance overall drying, reduce fuel consumption, and improve ignition and total system reliability.

Additionally, Marsden can update existing controls and documenting system components for troubleshooting purposes. Sequence of Operation and detailed drawing packages can also be prepared to document overall system design. Services also include preparing Preventative Maintenance Schedules and System Operator & Maintenance Training.

3. On-Machine Trial Services – IR Trial System

Potential production improvement and process solutions can be tested and confirmed using Marsden’s customized trial units. These are installed on-machine. Such tests have proven to be a great tool for Marsden customers, allowing them to see for themselves the benefits that recommended enhancements will have on their operations. It affords them the opportunity to validate a process solution before investing in and installing an actual production system.

Marsden services also include providing the IR trial system complete with all field connections and wiring, confirming pre-trial process conditions as well as documenting process enhancements with the use of the IR system. Detailed reports are supplied after the trials, documenting the benefits of additional drying capacity to a particular application. Production systems can then be proposed with the customer gaining a full understanding of the return such an investment will have on their operations.

4. Pre-Owned Gas IR System Refurbishment

Due to challenging economic conditions and industry consolidation, an abundant inventory of drying equipment is available for purchase for those customers in need of additional drying and looking to enhance or expand their existing production capabilities. Marsden engineers will inspect such systems to authenticate their suitability for use in other applications. Marsden will detail how these systems will perform on their machines in regard to increasing their current drying capacity or as replacement to existing equipment. The company can also refurbish pre-owned gas IR systems to meet current application requirements. These systems are typically half of the cost of new systems.

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