Drying In Limited Machine Space: Pratt Industries - Usa

Pratt Industries – USA was facing a challenge in properly drying a clay coated paperboard packaging product within limited machine space. Although Pratt Industries personnel were unsure what kind of system might address their unique concern (due to a lack of references for similar type challenges), Marsden’s Consulting Services division generated a drying model to demonstrate that the drying task would be successful with a 3-row IR system that would fit in the available space.

Marsden then offered to install one of its customized IR trial units (in this case a 2-row IR system – 1 row less than proposed) to verify the drying performance without any negative impact on the drying quality in regard to surface defects. This quality aspect was a very important part as the final coated product would be finished in an off-site printing operation.

The Pratt Industries Project Manager approved a test with a Marsden IR trial system to confirm the drying performance and quality consistency on their machine. The results were greater then expected, delivering the required drying performance while maintaining the surface quality and printability.

As a result of the on-machine trials, the Pratt Industries Project team ordered a Marsden system which has been in operation trouble-free since 2005.

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